Green Start

  • SPeco Services is an approved consultant for the implementation of the Green Start programme.
  • The team will review legal compliance and implement a Mini Environmental Management System into the business.
  • Complete a full review of the significant energy users on site and verify savings.
  • Complete waste management review for best practice
  • Review best practice for water minimisation.
  • Enterprise Ireland provide a comprehensive grant package to qualifying clients who engage approved consultants to install a system

    Green Plus

  • The funding under green plus is for the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental management system and ISO 50001 Energy management Standard
  • SPeco Services works in conjunction with the internal champion from the organisation to embed the management system into the business.
  • Legal compliance and standard operating procedures are embedded into the business
  • ISO 14001 and 50001 KPIs are set to be realistic but always benefits the company financially.

    Technical Feasibility Study

  • The funding under technical feasibility study is for existing products, redesign or new products with an environmental benefit.
  • Typical elements involved in carrying out a feasibility study include:
  • Prototyping and design
  • Manufacturing process assessment
  • Plant evaluation and selection
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Cost analysis

  • Speco Services will carry out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of product to compare before and after.


    SEAI Better Energy Workplace

    SPeco assisted a number of organisations in achieving funding under the Better Energy Workplace. The objective of the programme is to improve energy efficiency and review and innovate technology. These projects if successful have the potential to be replicated to other organisations.

    SPeco completed the application; project managed the project and worked with the team to verify the saving following from the completion of the project.
    See examples projects page


    EPA Cleaner Greener Production Program/Green Enterprise

    SPeco Services has been successful in getting funding approved for business, SPeco project management and complete environmental data, monitoring, LCA etc.

    The team has achieved funding for large food companies, medical device, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.
    See link for examples of projected complete as a part of CGPP
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