Business Continuity Services


Consultancy to review or develop Business Continuity Plans

SPeco Services can offer their expertise and guidance when looking to create or review a Company Business Continuity plan.  A Business Continuity Plan refers to how to maintain business functions or resume business functions in the face of a major disruption.  It will outline procedures and instructions for the organisation to ensure business can continue.  There are usually 6 steps involved in creating a Business Continuity Plan:

  • Identify the scope of the plan
  • Identify the key business areas
  • Identify critical functions within the business
  • Identify interdependencies between functions
  • Determine the “acceptable” downtime of each critical function
  • Create a plan to maintain operations

    BCP Software

    Business Continuity Plans are critical to ensuring your business can survive and succeed following an unplanned disaster.  Many organisations maintain these plans as paper plans or they are stored using normal office software.  These plans can alternatively be managed and maintained on a system specifically designed for purpose.  There are many available in the market at the moment, some generic and some more specific to various business types.  SPeco Services can work with our clients to source and integrate the best BCP Software that best serves your business.