About us

The SPeco Services Ltd. Team

SPeco Services Ltd. was established in 2004 by Shane Mooney. SPeco Services Ltd. prides itself on having a practical approach to Environmental, Health and Safety issues that arise for our clients, and will find best practice, innovative and simple approaches which are both manageable and cost effective for employers to implement.

The business is centered on a small core team of employees offering a tailored and dedicated service to our customers. We have an extremely loyal customer base and carry out work within Ireland and internationally,managing projects and performing audits for our customers. Our customers turn to us in times of need; where accidents and fatalities occur in companies, they call on us in order to ensure investigations are monitored and good practices upheld.

Many of our customers have requested us to come and work for them on a full time basis. We have developed a placement program whereby our employees are made available to employers for a period or days / weeks/ months with the added back up of having senior SPeco Services consultants available within 24 hours.

About the Director

Shane Mooney is a Director of SPeco Services Ltd. He holds a Degree in Manufacturing Technology and is a certified Auditor to ISO 14001. Shane is a member of  IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management Assessment)

He has over 18 years’ experience working in a broad range of industry sectors. Shane started his career in manufacturing, working as Operations Manager with responsibility for Environmental, Health and Safety. Shane started his own business in 2004 and has built up a broad range of experience in environmental health and safety within businesses.  Shane has accumulated a wealth of project management expertise that has afforded him the ability to manage large complex projects with multidisciplinary teams based in various locations. Projects managed by Shane have enabled companies obtain IPPC certification, waste licences and waste permits vital to the success of their business. Shane has also worked extensively with the EPA in the past 10 years bringing approximately 25 companies through the EPA Cleaner Greener Program.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have extensive national and international industry experience working with clients in diverse industries and sectors. Our consultants are highly qualified in the environmental, health and safety fields as demonstrated by the following qualifications:
·  Masters in Ergonomics, Health and Safety
·  BSc(Hons) in Health & Safety
·  BSc in Mechanical Engineering
We invest significantly in our consultants’ continuing professional development and all consultants regularly undertake upskilling and training to ensure we offer best practice advice.